Prices & Options

Effective 01 May 2014

Welcome Trial Class*

10 CHF


Single Class**               

25 CHF

Individual Yoga Membership

10 classes - Quarterly (3-months)

225 CHF (10% off the price list)

20 classes - Semi-Annual (6-months)***

425 CHF (15% off the price list)

Group Yoga Membership

Friends and Family (3+ adults)

Special offer available on demand

Corporate Membership Programme (10+ Adults)

Available on demand

«Member Get Member» Programme

50% discount off the price list for 5 New Yoga Valued Members


Private Yoga Classes (max 3 persons)

60 min session

90 min session

YogaNyon Studio Class (Indoor)

120 CHF

175 CHF

Yoga Greenfield Class (Outdoor)****

100 CHF

150 CHF


YogaNyon Valued Member Benefits & Special Offers

YogaNyon Valued Members Benefit from:

-       Favourable Pricing

-       Comfy Yoga Classes (limited to 15 person max)

-       Priority Yoga Class Admission (10 mats out of 15)    

-       Complimentary Individual Yoga Welcome Set (for 6-month membership owners)

Important Notes

*     Available once, for new comers.
**   YogaNyon Valued Members have priority class admission over single yoga class visitors.

*** Individual 6-months membership can be paid in 2 equal parts (50% each, no later than first class in each 3-month period)

**** Available from 01 May 2014 to 30 Sept 2014 (subject to weather conditions and Yoga spot availability)

Possibility to pay online: