sanda1Yoga has been part of Sanda's life since the beginning of her adult life. She started practicing yoga 10 years ago. Curious to explore the world, she decided to embark in journey to India, firstly making a pilgrimage across all of India, then two more trips to connect more with ashrams and yoga practices. Returning to India to deepen her exploration of Yoga with her final trip to the yoga teacher training in Kerala. There she discovered how Yoga helped to overcome physical challenges, and found her balance between material and spiritual world. Aside from teaching locally she is also interested in psychology, painting, salsa and playing the piano.

She teaches and practices with an integrated approach of Hatha yoga; her primary Hatha influences are derived from Power/Vinyasa. She teaches the balance, integration and expression of both the masculine and feminine principles in our body-heart-mind-life practice.. Through yoga she has explored the use of movement, breath, sound, and awareness to liberate energy and expand consciousness.